9th October 2018

If a tree falls in the woods,
And no one’s around to hear it,
Does it still make a sound?

What if the tree falls,
And there’s a few people nearby,
But they don’t react,
Does it make a sound then?

What if no one’s around,
But the tree knows that it made a sound when it fell,
But it can’t tell anyone because it’s a tree,
What about then?

What if the tree falls,
And it does a really cool twist thing before hitting the ground,
And there’s some people around
But they don’t really care,
What then?

What if the tree posts up on its timeline,
About how it was in the woods earlier,
Doing really cool falls,
But it only gets like, two likes,
Does that count?

What if the tree records itself doing a cool fall,
And uploads it to YouTube,
But it only gets like,
Thirty views,
How about then?
Does it make a sound then?

What if the tree takes a selfie while it’s falling,
And puts it on Instagram,
Then tags its post for optimal likes,
I’m talkin’, #tree #woods #cool #fall #sound #blessed,
What then?
Is it louder then?

What if the tree writes a hit song about falling,
And gets Pitbull to sing it,
And it features Ke$ha,
And it gets almost a billion views on YouTube,
But no one knows the tree wrote it,
That must still make a sound,

What if the tree get’s a gun,
And threatens to start shooting people,
But then the police arrive,
And they shoot the tree,
And it falls,
And it’s all over the news for weeks,
That’s got to make a sound…

I’m asking for a friend,
He’s a tree.


I also made a video from this poem which you can watch here.