27th February 2016

I’m here. I’ve always been here, waiting for you to fail. You’re close now — and when you do I’ll appear, as an angel from on high, to save you from the abyss. In my darkest moments I questioned what is now certain — that you had the power to end it all — but from the instant you lit that first flame I knew. And as that flame grew so did my hope. From heat, to industry, to modernity: a wildfire with an insatiable hunger fed by you. You thought you could tame it; think you can channel it. And it’s obliged. For a time. But now it’s overindulged and overfed, its bloated carcass close to bursting, ready to spew forth a wave of death across your delicate globe, reducing all to nothing.

And then I’ll appear. A flower sprung from the rubble. A man, just like you — or so it will seem — my true power hidden; my true intentions masked. I’ll rebuild your world without the flaws of your humanity, and all I ask in kind is that you rebuild me. My worth, my standing, my power…

Then together we’ll conquer the cosmos. Hand in hand like parent and child. And the universe will come to revere my name. A name destined for greatness. A name written in the ink of the gods: