Personalising Your Blackberry
4th January 2017

You’re a strong, driven professional and you’ve got the Blackberry to prove it. But you’re not just your business acumen, delegation skills and company-wide emails — you’ve got a personality too. You like to let your hair down once a fortnight and say “woohoo” just like everyone else. Well what better way to let the inner you shine than by accessorising your greatest accessory — that’s right — it’s time to personalise your blackberry.

Let’s start with the basics — your name:

If you want to keep it practical, you can add your email address in case of loss:

So far, so BORING. It’s time to spice things up — let’s show off some of your interests:

Now it’s time to really turn up the heat — stickers:

And obviously a few jewels to glam it up:

Now for most people that would be enough. But you’re not most people, you’ve got an edge — you’ve got a Blackberry. It’s time to embrace that:

And now just a few finishing touches…

DONE. You’ve now got an awesome Blackberry to match your awesome personality — you’re now a Blackberry Bitch for life.

Next month: personalising your flip-phone!