P Key

Three years ago the “P” key broke on my laPtoP,
I’ve been coPying and Pasting the character ever since,

I never before realised how Prolific it was,
Or how difficult it could be to find,
But I adaPted
Learned to live without,
Soon it became normal,
A routine like any other,

Over time my shift key broke too,
No more question marks,
Or exclamation Points,
So I exPressed myself in other ways,
Less Punctuation,
More emojis,
Less subtlety,
More intent,

Other keys soon fell to the wayside,
The number one,
The “at” symbol,
The backsPace,
(That wsa a doozy),
Though I was unaware,
Each loss shaPed the way I wrote;
The wya I interacted with the world,
The way the world interacted with me,

It wasn’t until I used another keyboard,
A fully functioning one,
That I realised what I was missing,
As if a part of me had been returned,
An extra limb I’d forgotten I needed,

The revelation came at a Price:
With my ignorance shattered,
My laPtoP’s shrtcomings crashed over me,
No matter how I tried, I couldn’t unsee its failings,
The missing “P” was a hole I could not fill,

Then one day someone told me I could actually get the whole keyboard rePaired quite easily,
But that seems like a lot of effort.