Love Poem
7th March 2018

I remember the good times,
Spent with you in my arms,
Your tender warmth on cold nights,
The way you made me laugh,

You were always there when I needed you most,
A shoulder to cry on,
The first I called for a good time,
You brought out the best in me;

Encouraged me to try new things;
Introduced me to half my friends,
My first amour,
You helped me become a man,

And countless ways you inspired me,
Songs and poems written with you on my mind,
My constant muse,
I owe you so much,

But also you take,
Time disappears when I’m with you,
You keep me in bed for days on end,
I get anxious just thinking about you,

And when I ended it you were always still there,
Hanging out with my friends,
Ever the more popular,
Never a dull moment with you,

It made me jealous to see others laugh with you,
A reminder of our time together,
How you made me feel,
Your taste,

And so I took you back,
Though I never really had a choice,
I was lost without you —
Your intoxicating love,

So our on-again/off-again affair continues,
Our dance to the death,
My parents warned me you were trouble,
But now it’s too late,

In sickness and in health,
For better or worse,
To have and to hold,
My can of Dutch Gold.