12th April 2020

What do we see when we look to the horizon?

A summit?
A skyline?
A sunrise?

What lies at the edge of tomorrow?
What is found at the point where land meets sky?

Do we see our aspirations realised?
A graph of our progress growing ever taller,

Or do we even notice?
So focused on moving forward we’re blind to what’s ahead,

Until one day we realise everything has changed,
That the progress has happened without our knowledge,
That it has started without us,

We turn to catch what’s already lost,
Only to be met by another horizon,

The past fading into the night,
As the future rises behind us once again,
Dragging us into a new dawn,
A world of steel and stone,

A world without reprieve or regret,
Dwarfing our memories,
Supplanting our history,
Moving only forward,
Towards that eternal border,

What do we see when we look to the horizon?