Do Eagles Cry?
22nd December 2015

When a bomb goes off in Baghdad,
Does an eagle shed a tear?
When our freedom’s under fire,
Will an eagle lend an ear?
When the stars and stripes aren’t red and white,
Will an eagle carry on?
When the blackest night is over,
Will an eagle call for dawn?

When your team don’t make the play offs,
Does an eagle even care?
When the taxes keep on rising,
Does an eagle think that’s fair?
When the bad guys keep on winning,
Can an eagle hold the line?
When you forget to wear your watch,
Can an eagle tell the time?

When the first amendment’s broken,
Will an eagle speak the truth?
When the children all have scurvy,
Will an eagle bring them fruit?
When the 4th of July has lit the sky,
Will an eagle swell with pride?
When Waterworld (1995) has become a reality,
Can an eagle turn the tide?

When your government’s devolving,
Will an eagle help resist?
When your self defence is under attack,
Will an eagle raise a fist?
When you’ve forgotten the plot to the first six Fast & Furious films,
Will an eagle help you out?
When the dream’s become a nightmare,
Will an eagle hear your shout?

I thought I heard an eagle,
Crying out my name,
I thought I saw it flying,
Higher than a plane,
I thought I saw it weeping,
For all that we have done,
But I knew I must have dreamed it,

Our eagles are all gone.