15th May 2017

So, what’s hot right now?

Well, there’s a gap in the market for a new Y.A. series since The Hunger Games finished.

My God you’re right — people will definitely want another dystopian, sci-fi movie about teenagers…

They’re practically frothing at the mouth.

Are there any recent book series we own the rights to?

Hmm, doesn’t look like it.


But wait — maybe we don’t need a new series.

Good thinking. Pull up the sci-fi properties we own.

… Here we are. How about, The Time Machine?


I, Robot?

That’s already been perfected.


Getting warmer…

Hmmm… How about 1984?

…I like it. It’s got intrigue, it’s got forbidden romance, it’s got a name that people might vaguely recognise.

And it’s long overdue for a remake.

We could be onto something big here.

All we need is to somehow make it about teenagers and drag it out over four films.

Easy, we’ll just say there’s a thing in the future that makes everyone die at the age of 21.

Isn’t that from Logan’s Run?

Yeah but the audience won’t know that.


And we might need to change the ending; I mean, it’s a little grim.

Won’t that change the whole point of the book?

Yeah, but the audience won’t know that.


Are there any contemporary themes we can use to bring it into the 21st century?

I feel like the dangers of totalitarianism, propaganda and technology are still pretty relevant today.

Yes of course, but we need something that people can really relate to. Something current. Something big.

The internet?

Boom. And maybe we could make the romance even more forbidden?

Great thinking.

Now all we need is a title; something that connects the old and the new; something to really bank on that sweet, sweet nostalgia…

How about… 2084..?

That’s good — a little too good, are we sure the audience will get that?

Hmm… How about, 1984 2k17..?


I’ve got it: 1984 2k17 3D.